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Married Couples

Antonio & Kristine Stephens

Mission Statement:

The mission of the SJMBC Marriage Ministry is to provide married couples with biblical principles and life skills that will help them establish and maintain healthy marriage couples through God’s original plan. We aim to assist couples in every stage of relational development to create a radiant marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy and growth. The SJMBC Marriage Ministry is committed to supporting the righteous covenant of marriage. The SJMBC Marriage Ministry strives to help couples grow closer to Christ and closer to each other and to shine and soar to the Glory of God. Goals: To help couples discover practical ways for building a passionate marriage relationship. Promote God’s plan for marriage. Assist with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of marriage from a biblical perspective. To provide tools to couples for improving their relationship with each other and with God. To nurture and fellowship with other Christian couples.   Meet Quarterly Year Around